Health & Safety Risk Assessment
The Committee request that all members read this note with regard to Safety when attending meetings at the Moorside Club & Bar, Shaw Drive, Kirkbymoorside, York, YO62 6JE.
1. The Projector Screen and Print Stands are stored at a height where stepladders are required to reach them. Only members with the necessary agility and strength should attempt to take them down or put them back.
2. Whenever the projector or print stand are in use, electric cables will run from the equipment to plug sockets on the window wall. Members should avoid walking over these cables. Residual Circuit Breakers (RCD) MUST be used when using this equipment.
3. The digital projector will get hot when in operation. The operator should avoid touching the projector until it has been switched off and cooled down.
4. Under cold weather conditions the Car Park may become icy and dangerous to walk on. In such condition’s members should walk with care.
5. All fire exits are signed. In case of fire members should exit the building and meet on the car park.
6. Members must report to a member of the Committee any Health & Safety matters that concern them.

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