The club was founded in 1974 by Frank Broadbent and Harry Rickaby with Robin and Edith Butler joining at the second meeting. What began as an idea in the local pub has grown into the club we have today.
Robin soon became the Chairman/Treasurer/Programme Secretary and Competition Secretary with Edith as Secretary. There were about 20‐25 members including Mr Wrightson, a local businessman with a photography business in the town. Then as now there were no class distinctions in the club, everyone had a shared interest in photography which broke down all class barriers.

From the start the club was based on slides and it was Robin and Edith who introduced the first print competitions with great success. Edith also introduced the mince pie evening and would bring hot mince pies to the meetings for all to enjoy.
The meetings were held in the Dugout, a small, room under the memorial hall in Kirkbymoorside. In 1988 the club moved to the room at the British Legion Club in Kirkbymoorside where the club meets to this day. This warm, friendly environment is one of the main factors in increasing membership in a remote rural area.

After the move ‘Project Groups’ were introduced at the club (groups of like‐minded people who enjoy a particular aspect of photography) for those people who like to show and discuss their work in a relaxed and informal setting. These proved very popular and still run today.
From 1989 to 2010 our current President David Ireland was Chairman of the club and he saw the club through the transition from traditional film and slides to the digital age.

 In 2009 the club hosted the Yorkshire Photographic Union federation annual exhibition.

Our current Chairman aims to keep the club moving forward by ensuring that members can experience all aspects of photography and be aware of current developments, not only in photographic style but also new equipment and software. 

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