All meetings start at 19:30

16.05.19Best of Year Projected Images Competition
06.06.19Best of Year Print Competition
Please bring your prints for Annual Exhibition
14-23 JuneAnnual Exhibition in Helmsley
20.06.19Annual General Meeting
Trophy Presentation
04.07.19Members Evening
18.07.19Photographic Outing - more details later
ENTRIES for Creative Competition to Paul Stephenson.
01.08.19Creative Competition
15.08.19Photographic Outing - more details later
05.09.19Andrew Linscott - Taking Stock.
The modern world of commercial stock photography
19.09.19Sally Sallett - Never underestimate an old woman with a camera.
ENTRIES for Hazlehurst Competition to Paul Stephenson.
ORDER Prints and Mounts for Open Competition from Jim Cavanagh
03.10.19Hazlehurst Competition
17.10.19Les Forrester - The Art in Architecture
ENTRIES for Open Competition to Paul Stephenson.
ORDER Prints and Mounts for Monochrome Competition from Jim Cavanagh
07.11.19Open Competition
21.11.19Colin Hugill
ENTRIES for Monochrome Competition to Paul Stephenson.
05.12.19Monochrome Competition
19.12.19EnPrint Competition and Supper
ORDER Prints and Mounts for Architecture/Record/Sport/Pastime Competition from Jim Cavanagh
02.01.20Richard Burdon - The Art of Landscape Photography
A practical guide on how to improve your landscape photography, from planning through to capture and beyond.
ORDER Prints and Mounts for Open Competition from Jim Cavanagh
16.01.20Paul Forster - Natural History Photography
ENTRIES for Architecture / Record / Sport / Pastime Competition to Paul Stephenson.
06.02.20Architecture / Record / Sport / Pastime Competition
ORDER Prints and Mounts for Portraiture/Natural History Competition from Jim Cavanagh
05.03.20Open Competition
19.03.20Julie Cowdy - Photoartistry
My images have been classed as intriguing. I hope to unmask the mystery behind them.
ENTRIES for Natural History / Portraiture Competition to Paul Stephenson.
02.04.20Natural History / Portraiture Competition
16.04.20Three way Competition with Scarborough and Malton
07.05.20Alistair Peterson - Images for Conservation
21.05.20Best of the Year Projected Images
ENTRIES for Best of the Year Prints to Paul Stephenson.
04.06.20Best of the Year Prints
18.06.20Annual General Meeting
Trophy Presentation