Competitions 17-18


Mike WardCity of Lincoln - Day into NightFirst
Matt HillierAccelerating Towards ChristmasSecond
Mike WardWhitby High TideThird
Julie CowdyWhitby GrungeHighly Commended
Harry KingmanCarnationHighly Commended
Matt HillierStar of the ShowHighly Commended
Julie CowdyUnchartered WatersHighly Commended
Barrie TuckAces High
Harry KingmanBridesmaid
Barrie TuckGarden Collage
Matt HillierA Winters Moon
Paul StephensonDid you make those Bubbles
Roy BeddoesThat old Balancing Act
Sharon MarwoodThrough the Cascade
Barrie TuckMind your Ps and Qs
Julie CowdyPostcard from San Francisco
Liz VowlesLittle Hen
Paul StephensonWoodstock
Roy BeddoesKeeing an Eye on the Castle
Sharon MarwoodIn the right Direction
Barrie TuckPortrait Judder
Harry KingmanKangaroo Kid
Julie CowdyUpon Reflection
Matt HillierCod Beck Conifers
Mike WardJust Good Friends
Paul StephensonSheer Determination
Roy BeddoesThe Avenue
Harry KingmanShade Card
Liz VowlesJungle Jane
Mike WardRipples and Reflections
Paul StephensonMontgomery
Roy BeddoesShip to Shore


Barrie TuckEve9Team Mates8Queen of the Goths926Charlotte632
Bob OrdidgeLast Catch of the Day10Fish Eagle in Slow Mothion8Fish Eagle1028Fish Eagle1038
David IrelandLooking for Goldfish6Turning towards Goathland7Moors in Bloom619Jumping into the Lead827
Derek HutchinsonOld Mill at Aberdaron7Ruin at Nant Gwrtheyrm7Waiting721Roofs and Groynes829
Harry KingmanThree Kings at Dawn10Over the Weir7Balcony623Apres Canoe831
Janet DrakeDuncombe Park Owl8Rare White Lion Club7In Flight823Enjoying the View932
Jim CavanaghDorset Smoothie10Rhoscolyn Point8Yorkshire Spring826Summer Gold834
Joyce KingmanHvar6Evening Light Titchwell8View from Tate Modern620Trakai Reflection727
Julie CowdySydney Skyline7Marina in Murcia7Canal at Montech620The Eye of the Strorm727
Katie WhitingFreddie7Expanding Ferns7Up Up and Away620Leading into Warter Woods626
Laura FletcherIs this my Best Side6Mine6Mmmmm517Daisy724
Liz BassindaleFarne Islands Arctic Tern7Puffin brining home Sandeels9Little Greeb with Stickleback925Farn Island Artic Tern732
Louise WoodSpring Lamb6Love on a Leaf7Threshing Day518Wise Old Owl624
Lynn WraithOpium Maker9Early Morning Flight9Plivice Waterfalls Boardwalk826Red Wattled Lapwing834
Martin WilliamsRock of Times8Cine Years7Casa Baltlo1025Swallowed by the Sea934
Matt Hillier The Friendliest of Flowers10Old Meggison8Keep it in Silhouette826Park Square Junction733
Mike WardMoonlit Web8Cod & Lobster Staithes7The Hurdy Gurdy Man924Water Falls933
Paul StephensonLine Out10Flying Tackle9Acropolis726Signets935
Paul StevensonLets go in for Tea6Lousy Coffee6Now Look Here618Red Cars725
Richard HarrisonNafferton Mere5Crane Shifter and Mover6In Your Own Bubble617Moat Farm Sunset623
Roy BeddoesFive Two Twelve7Twelve Feet no Inches8Parasol621Palm Tree627
Sharon MarwoodLakeland Blue7Juvenile Bullfinch7Kisdon Force822Harbour Blues527


Janet BurdonHartsop Reflected18Ionic Temple - Rievaulx 15Frosted Birch16CDunlin Feeding18
The Blue House at Oqaatsut20The Reading Room19Wind Power17HCHanz17HC140
Richard BurdonThe Green Lady Dances20Blitz and Pieces17HCThe Orange House at Oqaatsut16CArctic Tern16
Nelly Ayre Foss19Twinned14Whitby Harbour Moonrise20 Retired Greenlandic Dog17HC139
John CliftonStairway to Heaven - Monaco Cemetery14Under the Ivy15Roar17HC
Judas Kiss & Flagellation - Passion Facade14Bark Marks14Winter Visitor1690
Julie CowdyFloral Art1832
River Tarn at Montauban14
Colin DilcockSpurn Groynes16
Spurn Lighthouse1733
Matt HillierFishing on the Dock of the Bay18Helmsley in the Snow17HCYork17HCThe Friendliest of Flowers17HC
Saltwick Seaweed17Salt's Mill Moorings20Caulkey's Bank Sunrise13The Portrait of a Barn Owl15134
Derek HutchinsonHarry Lime Perhaps15
Harry KingmanFresh Water Dip16Outspan - Tony Cragg16Fading Rose15Four Kings at Dawn17HC
Stepping Out - Gentoo Penguin18Must Be - Tony Cragg15Sumela Monastery-Trabzon14Gentoo Feeding Chick16127
Iain LeadleyHovingham Church15Handbrake Turn16
Little Owl Peekaboo13Natures Symmetry
Sharon MarwoodFrosty Dawn14
Poet Laureate-Lincoln1428
Bob OrdidgeSnow Monkeys in Hot Spring19Juvenile Japanese Snow Monkey in a Dither20
Red Squirrel from around the Tree16CWinter Stoat Racing for Cover1873
Sharon StricklandSeated Figure Reduced1313
Barrie TuckGoldilocks17Tour De Yorkshire18Man in Hat15Aaliyah in Silver16
Redhead18Weekend Warrior16Aaliyah in Mourning15Girl with the Pearl Earring
Mike WardThe Ruins of Fountains Abbey17The Bodger & Seamstress - Re-enactment16The Lichen Tree15The Pied Piper17HC
The Preacher Gesticulating19The Oak Hall Nunnington15Winter Scene15The Twins15129
Lynn WraithOpium Maker17Rooftops of Junagarth Fort - Bikaneer 16Montenegro Sunset15Puffin Crash15
The Quiraing - Skye20Damp Hare17HCBlue Tit Feeding it's Young16116


Liz BassindaleMute Swan17Lift Off17HCPuffin Lookout13Wren Calling from the Wood Pile15
Moorland Grouse Lookout17Rounding the Berm17Puffin Bringing Home Dinner16CLittle Grebe with Stickleback18130
Roy BeddoesHouse Plant15
Castle Howard1530
Jim CavanaghDorset Smoothie19Infinity Bridge13Saltwick Solstice17HC
Excited by the View20Ripon Cathedral16Orion Nebula M4216C101
John CliftonExample District Architecture14Tangled Tree - Aysgarth15Bumblebee and Pollen Beetles on a Thistle Head16C
Morning Light, Interior Sagrada Familia14Lost Sheep14Riccaldale Bluebells1689
Julie CowdyUncharted Waters18On Swanage Seafront16Hung Out to Dry15
The Fall18Hooked15Single Tulip on Canvas17HC99
Janet CrowtherDuncombe Park Owl18
Amur Leopard1735
Colin DilcockMillennium Cross17Lace Maker17Only 5k To Go17HCReady for the Hunt15
Lone Tree17Moorland Falconer17Anyone for Cake11My Bottom is Getting Cold17HC128
Laura FletcherRed Admiral18Sewing the Banners13
Fingers Crossed16Archer1663
Matt HillierBlow Gill19Ouse Reflections14Looking Back to the Lighthouse15Contemplation of the Rut15
Autumn in May19Easy Like Sunday Morning15The River Swale11Spherical Swan16124
Victoria HortonConker Shell16The Neighbours Will See12Ibrahims View10
Keep Rollin On14Anything to Avoid the Washing Up12Light & Dark1377
Derek HutchinsonSt Peter's Kirk Baroque12Kleeblatt Gasse-Vienna13
North West Tower - Haddon Hall17Shoes in the Window1456
Harry KingmanPlanning the Honeymoon15Nearly There17Beached Brash Ice13A Quiet Moment15
Plantation18O M G!14One More for the Road12Rundale Guide15119
Iain LeadleyGrape Hyacinth & Daffodils17HCWaiting for Breakfast16
Swan in Morning Mist16CWatchful Eye16C65
Geoff LloydWheeldale14Steady Ready14Elderflower and Hoverfly14
Horses19All Together15Mobile Phones1086
Sharon MarwoodVerbena Visitor17Byland Abbey - Last Light13Wain Wath White Water14The Opportunist16
Gathering Storm14Ellerburn Valley17HCDragonfly Dreaming13Inquisitiveness16120
Bob OrdidgeYellowstone Wolves12Brown Bear Resting on a Log16C
Bison in Snow Storm14White Tailed Eagle Backlit Fishing17HC59
Paul StephensonPeace and Tranquillity20Flying Tackle15Castleton Man16CW.R.N.15
A Guarded Expression19Line Out20Toboggan Smash18Purple Man16139
Paul StevensonHandful of Horses 16Jumpers15Enjoying the Blues Band14
Baby Grebe16Not Far Now12Helmsley Flowers1588
Sharon StricklandGlorious Glenfinnan12Hear me Roar14
Saltwick Wreck1036
Barrie TuckQueen of the Goths17Team Mates17Blood Brothers15The Green Party15
Eve13Vintage Racer18Gothic Charlotte13Close Up15123
Mike WardThe Harbour Staithes16Barrelled Roof - St Nicholas Church17No Takers14Ryeland Sheep15
Cod & Lobster - Staithes18Pylons Catching the Light14York Minster Evening Light12Seeing Red16122
Martin WilliamsQuiet Contemplation18Attic Room19Stand Out from the Crowd20It's Mucky, But I Love It15
The Art of Electronics20Sagrada Familia17HCThe Uninvited Guest19Living in the Past20148
Louise WoodPretty in Purple16Harbour Mouth16I Spy Dinner13
Butterfly Breakfast18Abbey12Got My Eye on You1287
Lynn WraithStreet Life16Jaisalmer Fort 17HCA Quiet Corner15Barn Owl Hunting19
Re-useable Carriers17Glass Water Feature with Hot House15Horseshoe Falls in Summer14Brown Hare Portrait15128


David IrelandWall Scupture Achillion Palace Corfu15
David IrelandTerra Cotta Warrior Detail14
Richard BurdonMoorland Well17 (HC)
Richard BurdonLet Sleeping Dogs Lie20 (1st)
John CliftonLiberte' Promenade Des Anglais - Nice14
John CliftonFrench letters - Antibes11
Barrie TuckPunk Rocker12
Barrie TuckThe Goth Look13
Harry KingmanFountains Abbey13
Harry KingmanNesvizh Castle13
Joyce KingmanAsia Minor Mother Myilini13
Joyce KingmanNunnington in March16
Janet BurdonRunning for Home17 (HC)
Janet BurdonThe Winding Wall18 (3rd)
Lynn WraithHenry15
Lynn WraithTake Off11
Matt HillierWest Burton Whirl11
Matt HillierMousehole Harbour14
Mike WardMan with Van Dyke Beard13
Mike WardWater Falls14
Paul StephensonBest Buddies15
Paul StephensonMono -Duo16
Martin WilliamsRush Hour19 (2nd)
Martin WilliamsStreet Life14

David IrelandMobile Mania15
David IrelandWaiting to be Judged11
Roy BeddoesIt Can be a Cold and Lonely Hobby15
Roy BeddoesSwing Bridge16
John CliftonCanon Balls - Grialdi Castle - Monaco16
John CliftonPassion Door - Sagrada Familia - Barcelona17 HC
Colin DilcockFrank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jnr.19 2nd
Colin DilcockDune Vegetation14
Janet DrakeFamous Tree at Crummock12
Janet DrakeInside Walls of Byland Abbey12
Derek HutchinsonRoofs and Groynes16
Derek HutchinsonRuin at Nant Gwrtheyrn
Matt HillierPattern of a Giraffe15
Matt HillierInside the Hoffman Kiln14
Victoria HortonI Heart Whitby11
Victoria HortonMusic in the Underpass10
Harry KingmanGentoo Calling16
Harry KingmanHill of Crosses14
Joyce KingmanHill of Crosses11
Joyce KingmanRundale Palace16
Julie CowdyFreddie Gilroy16
Julie CowdyRoselilies of Velvet20 1st
Laura FletcherMV Augusta10
Laura FletcherPunk Goth10
Lynn WraithThe Catch18 3rd
Lynn WraithPlitvice Waterfalls13
Martin WilliamsThe Cobb16
Mike WardDecaying Log17 HC
Mike WardMoonlit Web16
Sharon MarwoodMoorland Friend10
Sharon MarwoodBlea Hill Beck14
Paul StephensonHello Hello Hello14
Paul StephensonThere's Light at the End of the Tunnel
Barrie TuckHanna17 HC
Barrie TuckGoth Veteran14
Amanda RawlingCastle Howard12
Amanda RawlingSandsend towards Whitby12
Louise WoodDown Low10
Louise WoodWatch & Wait14




Bob OrdidgeFish Eagle19Young Love18Anas Cross17
Bob OrdidgeJay in Snow17Open Billed Storks Roosting16Avonmouth Sunset16
Janet BurdonKangia Icefjord14Caught By Surprise18Duomo19
Janet BurdonThe Blue House At Oqaatsut16Night Owl18Fawn At Dawn16
Jim CavanaghExcited By The View19Welcome To The Cheap Seats20Joe17
Jim CavanaghRosedale Miners Revival20Proud Mother17Mating Game20
Julie CowdyUncharted Water19Liverpool Mersey Dock Offices16My Dad My Hero16
Lynn WraithThe Quiraing Skye16Polar Bear With Kill17North Pier Sunset18
Martin WilliamsCasa Baltlo17Spirit Island16Photographer’s View14
Martin WilliamsThe Art Of Electronics17Whitby Abbey16Puffin With catch18
Matt HillierMeadow Pipit19Putting Down The Power18Reeds16
Mike WardThe Preacher Gesticulating, English Civil War20Ever Dwellers17The Taj Mahal19
Mike WardBring Out Your Dead19Harvest Mouse On Blackthorn18Virtuoso20
Richard BurdonMoorjocks20Osprey With Brown Trout17Watching You, Watching Me17
Richard BurdonThe Green Lady Dances20Grace19Where’s The Ball19


Janet BurdonHartsop ReflectedHighly Commended
Janet BurdonThe Blue House at Oqaatsut
Janet BurdonRunning for Home
Janet BurdonThe Winding WellSecond Overall; First Pictorial
Janet BurdonWind Power
Janet BurdonDunlin Feeding
Janet BurdonHanz
Janet BurdonThe Reading Room
Richard BurdonThe Green Lady DancesHighly Commended
Richard BurdonNelly Ayre FossHighly Commended
Richard BurdonMoorland Well
Richard BurdonLet Sleeping Dogs Lie
Richard BurdonWhitby Harbour Moonrise
Richard BurdonRetired Greenlandic Dog
Richard BurdonBlitz and PiecesFirst - Architecture
Richard BurdonThe Orange House at Oqaatsut
John CliftonRoar
Julie CowdyFloral Art
Matt HillierFishing on the Dock of the Bay
Matt HillierYork
Matt HillierThe Friendliest of Flowers
Matt HillierHelmsley in Snow
Matt HillierSalt's Mill Moorings
Joyce KingmanNunnington in March
Harry KingmanStepping Out - Gentoo Penguin
Harry KingmanFour Kings at DawnCommended
Iain LeadleyNatures SymmetryHighly Commended
Bob OrdidgeSnow Monkeys in Hot SpringFirst - Overall; First - Natural History
Bob OrdidgeJuvenile Japanese Snow Monkey in a DitherHighly Commended
Bob OrdidgeWinter Stoat Racing for Cover
Paul StephensonMono-DuoThird - Overall; First - Sport & Pastime
Barrie TuckRedhead
Barrie TuckGirl with the Pearl Earing
Barrie TuckTour De Yorkshire
Mike WardThe Preacher GesticulatingFirst - Portrait
Mike WardPied PiperHighly Commended
Martin WilliamsRush Hour
Lynn WraithThe Quiraing - Skye
Lynn WraithDamp HareHighly Commended


Liz BassindaleLittle Grebe with Stickleback
Liz BassindaleLift Off
Jim CavanaghDorset Smoothie2nd
Jim CavanaghExcited by the View
Jim Cavanagh Saltwick Solstice
John CliftonPassion Door Sagrada Familia BarcelonaBest Architecture
Julie CowdyRoselilies on Velvet
Julie CowdySingle Tulip on CanvasCommended
Colin DilcockFrank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jnr.
Colin DilcockOnly 5k to Go
Colin DilcockMy Bottom is Getting Cold
Matt HillierBlow Gill
Matt HillierAutumn in May
Iain LeadleyGrape Hyacinth & Daffodils
Geoff LloydHorses
Sharon MarwoodEllerburn Valley
Bob OrdidgeWhite Tailed Eagle Backlit FishingBest Natural History - Commended
Paul StephensonPeace & Tranquillity
Paul StephensonA Guarded ExpressionHighly Commended & Best Portrait
Paul StephensonLine Out3rd & Best Sport & Pastime
Paul StephensonToboggan Smash
Barrie TuckHanna
Barrie TuckVintage Racer
Mike WardDecaying Log
Martin WilliamsThe Art of ElectronicsCommended
Martin WilliamsStand Out from the Crowd1st & Best Pictorial
Martin WilliamsThe Uninvited Guest
Martin WilliamsLiving in the Past
Martin WilliamsAttic Room
Martin WilliamsSagrada Familia
Lynn WraithThe Catch
Lynn WraithBarn Owl Hunting
Lynn WraithJaisalmer Fort Rooftops


Devon TrophyFor best aggregate score in the Print SectionJanet Burdon
Moorside CupFor best aggregate score in the PI SectionMartin Williams
Presidents TrophyFor best newcomer in the Print SectionJohn Clifton
David Ireland TrophyFor best newcomer in the PI SectionSharon Marwood
Elisabeth CupFor Best Print of the YearBob Ordidge
Rickaby CupFor Best PI of the YearMartin Williams
Category TrophiesBest Pictorial PrintJanet Burdon
Best Portrait PrintMike Ward
Best Natural History PrintBob Ordidge
Best Architectural/Record PrintRichard Burdon
Best Sport/Pastime PrintPaul Stephenson
Best Pictorial PIMartin Williams
Best Portrait PIPaul Stephenson
Best Natural History PIBob Ordidge
Best Architectural/Record PIJohn Clifton
Best Sport/Pastime PIPaul Stephenson
Individual TrophiesAshley Cup (Audio Visual)Not Competed
The Laflin Trophy for Creative ExcellenceMike Ward
Bristow Trophy (Monochrome)Richard Burdon
Hailey Trophy (Monochrome)Julie Cowdy
Hazlehurst TrophyBob Ordidge
John Nicoll Trophy (Enprint)Derek Hutchinson
Members' Appreciation TrophyRoy Beddoes