Competitions 18-19

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Please note: Images for printing go to Jim Cavanagh
Competition entries go to Paul Stephenson 

Barrie TuckSafely Home
Harry KingmanConifers
John CliftonLost in the Woods4th Place
Julie CowdyPsalms of David3rd Place
Sharon MarwoodDream Drifting
Matt HillierA Focus on Forest Colours
Mike WardGranny's Got a Brand New Bag1st Place
Paul StephensonFour Views of a Greenfly Whilst Sitting on Thistle Stem
Roy BeddoesBails as Far as the Eye Can See
Sharon StricklandRed Box
Barrie TuckFriday the 13th
Harry KingmanLondon
John CliftonFields of GoldHighly Commended
Julie Cowdy Dust to DustHighly Commended
Sharon MarwoodMinster in May
Matt HillierSunset Hunting in Helmsley
Mike WardIt Was, Worth Waiting For
Paul StephensonNew Paint Job
Roy BeddoesA Summer Afternoon
Sharon StricklandYorkshire Blue
Barrie TuckOff Duty
Harry KingmanNicosia
John CliftonAutumn Montage
Julie CowdySea HollyHighly Commended
Sharon MarwoodLily Burst
Matt HillierThe Stars of Everyman
Mike WardVampires between Darkness and Daylight2nd Place
Roy BeddoesA Dangerous Spot
Barrie TuckMission Accomplished
Harry KingmanPenguin Galor
John CliftonBlizzard
Julie CowdyPassiflora CaeruleaHighly Commended
Sharon Marwood Don't Panic
Matt HillierChaffinch in the Snow
Mike WardIn My Lady's Chamber
Barrie TuckOn the Glacier5Engine Shed7Downhill Racer820Alpine Lake525
Colin DilcockPalau de les Arts - Valencia6Town Crier8Little Owl822Triathlon Runner729
Derek Hutchinson The Belfry - Bruges6Waiting for Business 8Spire - Church of Our Lady620A Corner of Tyne Cot727
Geoff LloydGrouse5Peacock Butterfly7Home Safe719Two Rabbits726
Lousie WoodSummer Love7Peek a Boo6Beautiful in Blue518Who Me!624
Harry KingmanPuppy Play6Just the One65km Swimmer921Godafoss728
Joyce KingmanHarpa Interior6Etty's - York7Nicosia Sunshades720Open for Business - Bellapais828
Jim CavanaghLulworth Fireball6Excited Two7Durdle Door Spring821Swaledale Barns627
John CliftonRiccaldale Wild Garlic5Arum Lily7Sunflower517Eye of the Tiger724
Julie CowdyAt the Yellow House7Violet Creams7Thirsty Sunflowers923Nancy No Name932
Matt HillierDressing Table Light6A Country Kitchen7Interiors Magazine Cover619A Town House Kitchen625
Mike WardHeavy Metal5Rocking House in the Attic 6Late Summer Evening819The Bridge was a Lovely Ghoul423
Paul StephensonBlue Tit9Green Fly9River Humber at Dusk725New York Brass Band530
Paul StevensonTurner's Sky5Steam Station5Dead Pool515Depth of Field520
Sharon MarwoodLast Light - Hawnby Hill4Echinops6Portrait of a Chaffinch616Autumn Gold723
Jim CavanaghDoor to the Galaxy1633
Jim CavanaghLapping up the View17 HC
John CliftonSplitting Oak14York, Two Towers1662
John CliftonLight my Fire15York, Bonding Warehouse17
Julie CowdyEnd of Summer17 HCLincoln Memorial in Washington1564
Julie CowdyAt the Yellow House15US War Memorial in Boston17
Colin DilcockLittle Owl16On The Homeward Straight1664
Colin DilcockAutumn Leaves15Hot Work17
Matt HillierRoseberry into the Sunset1732
Matt HillierRoseberry Topping15
Andrew HollinsPretty in Pink15Hiscox Building, York1764
Andrew HollinsTake Off15Fountain's Abbey, Music & Lights17
Derek HutchinsonWaiting for Business15East Windows, Salvator's Cathedral1868
Derek HutchinsonA Corner of Tyne Cot16Hellifield Station19 - 3rd
Harry KingmanChilling15Triathlete1565
Harry KingmanLunch17Watching For The Break18
Iain Leadley Coot at Sunrise16Waiting For The Moment19 - 1st71
Iain LeadleySwan in Sunrise Mist18Uphill Struggle18
Geoff LloydMoto X14Dancing1563
Geoff LloydSparrow17Stone Mason17
Ivan MartinRailway Volunteer14Lady Peckitt's Yard1761
Ivan MartinScarborough Lighthouse 16Surfs Up14
Sharon MarwoodBreaking Dawn15Church At The Top Of The Hill1666
Sharon MarwoodWiddale Red Squirrel20Winter At Nunnington15
Bob OrdidgeCoyote in Waiting 1630
Bob OrdidgeFlying Fish14
Paul StephensonHappy at the Fairground16Time Travel1868
Paul StephensonFeed Me, Feed Me19Under The Boardwalk15
Paul StevensonDressage13Sofia Dome1455
Paul StevensonYellow Flowers14Sultan's Bed14
Sharon StricklandAlbert Dock1431
Sharon StricklandThe Cellarium17
Barrie TuckPitman15Bring Him Down1869
Barrie TuckSarah17 HCAt The Start19 - 2nd
Mike WardWaiting for the Children16Victorian Bandstand & Garden1762
Mike WardNewfoundland Shoreline15First Negative Camera 1835 - Mousetrap14
Louise WoodFrosty Toadstools1327
Louise WoodCrystal Ball14
John CliftonAutumn Beech14Monaco Cemetery Door1763
John CliftonAutumn Tableau15York Minster Door17
Julie CowdySnow Drop Triptych15Kilchurn Castle1566
Julie CowdyViolet Creams16Passiflora Caerulea20 - 1st
Colin DilcockBridges - Valencia1636
Colin DilcockPalau Des Les Arts20 - 2nd
Matt HillierThe Last Train Leaving Goathland1428
Matt HillierScaffolding at Sunset14
Derek HutchinsonBelvedere Fountain1530
Derek HutchinsonHaddon Hall and Orange Hat15
Harry KingmanCloisters, Lemego1610K Swimmer19 - 3rd66
Harry KingmanPuppy Play13Approaching The Summit18
Iain LeadleyCommon Blue on Yellow Flower1734
Iain LeadleyHoverfly on Forget Me Knot17 HC
Bob OrdidgeGreat Grey Owl1534
Bob OrdidgeGolden Eagle on Fox19
Paul StephensonScruffy Robin18Aerial View1766
Paul StephensonGive us a Bite14Mug Shot17
Barrie TuckThe Face of an Angel15Evening at The Engine Shed1667
Barrie TuckSafely Home17Downhill Racer19 HC
Mike WardPeggy's Point Lighthouse 2036
Mike WardThe Old Rocking Horse16
Ivan MartinWandering Eye14
Andrew HollinsHi16
Barrie Tuck Vintage Minor17 - Highly Commended
Derek HutchinsonEnchanted Evening14
Geoff LloydCawthorne Trees15
Harry KingmanGodafoss15
John CliftonDalby Hoar Frost16
Iain LeadleyCurlew18 - 3rd
Roy BeddoesWaterfall15
Julie CowdyFire Fighting in France16
Lesley CarrBlack Beauty16
Matt HillierUpper Falls, Kisdon16
Mike WardPeacock on Gravel Path16
Paul StephensonMisty Groynes17 - Highly Commended
Paul StevensonEvening in the Marina17
Sharon MarwoodFeddie Gilroy & the Belsen Stragglers15
Sharon StricklandClifford's Tower15
Barrie TuckMission Accomplished17 - Highly Commended
Derek HutchinsonA Street Scene in Bruges15
Geoff LloydPlanet15
Harry KingmanTransient Print20 - 1st
Iain LeadleyBookworm18 - 3rd
Roy Beddoes Nice Hat16
Julie CowdyOne World Trade Center18 - 3rd
Matt HillierIce on Hutton Beck16
Mike WardTrees in Fog and Snow14
Paul StephensonSt John's18 - 3rd
Paul StevensonHadrian Checking the Empire15
Sharon MarwoodResilience15
Sharon StricklandYork Minster14
John CliftonRoom at the Top16
Ivan MartinHold On19 - 2nd
Andrew HollinsBull14
Lesley CarrSmile17 - Highly Commended