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Mike WardA Master Class from Music Man1st Place
Barrie TuckLauren2nd Place
Richard HarrisonSmokin3rd Place
Mike WardNight Train (Fiction & Reality)Highly Commended
Andrew HollinsYorked GraffitiHighly Commended
Martin WilliamsTornHighly Commended
Andrew HollinsCompleting the Marshmallow Harvest
Barrie TuckA Wooden Heart
David IrelandAs Light as a Feather
Derek HutchinsonWood Spirit
Harry KingmanAfter Gormley
Joyce KingmanGM Tulip
Julie CowdyEmbracing Diversity
Lynne WraithGround Zero
Martin WilliamsLight Bender
Richard HarrisonBreaking Away
Joyce KingmanWheel Impression
Harry KingmanIndifference
Joyce KingmanHot Shot
Julie CowdySheltering an Alien
Lynne WraithShadows and Reflections
Joyce KingmanNight Sea
Richard HarrisonCornered
Julie CowdyEnglish in Europe
Harry KingmanLone Tree
Julie CowdyInto the Abyss
Mike WardThe Forecast was Sunshine and Showers
Barrie TuckMirror Image
Harry KingmanVenice
Andrew HollinsElephant(s) and Castle
Barrie TuckHigh Flyer
Andrew HollinsAfrican Violet Anther
Richard HarrisonBlue Eyes
Mike WardGoing Loco under the Hot Evening Sun
Katie WhitingBlue Vase Reflection
Katie WhitingFuscia Explosions
Katie WhitingLavender Way
Katie WhitingMy Hat is Watching over Me


Barrie TuckGetting Down and Dirty7St Jacob's6Beneton F1821Big Boys and their Toys728
Colin DilcockSammy Davis Jnr Look Alike7Willow7It's a long way down there721Shelton Johnso US Storyteller728
Harry KingmanFloebergs8Mykonos8After the Roll723Whoops831
Jim CavanaghHeavenly Light8Imperial War Museum North7Night Light722BBC Salford931
Joyce KingmanCactus Flower8Storm approaching the Albert Memorial7Heading Home520Quick and Easy626
Julie CowdyCycling in the Lot Valley5Tree Bumble Bee6Helleborus purpurrascens617Temple of Four Winds Castle Howard522
Katie WhitingStep in Time6Where's my Baler Gone?6World of Wonder517Gaining Height623
Liz BassindaleA Pair of Puffins7Gannet Catching Lunch9Puffin with Dinner824Fighting for the Fish832
Lynn WraithBurrowing Owl Chicks7Storm approaching Peyto Lake Banff7Scarbar Falls721Fishing Kingfisher728
Martin WilliamsThe Louvre8Whitby8Devoke Water925Spanner934
Mike ChapmanNight Lines7Commercial Break7Millenium Bridge and St Pauls620Red Eye626
Mike WardBring out your Dead7Reformer of Society (Lincoln Victorian Prison)10Calypso Colours724Lighthouse and Shades of Blue529
Richard HarrisonBaby Barn Owl7Computer Repair Specialist8Whipping up a Storm621The Green Man627


Liz BassindaleA Pair of Puffins1429Number 42 - Riding on Air173362
Puffin with Dinner15Number 40 Heading down the Mountain16
Mike ChapmanA Distant Land163232
Lone Birch16
Laura FletcherCheese173131
Matt HillierSmooth Sea Sunrise163232
Upper Spate16
David IrelandA Decisive Monment1434Terracotta Warriors1934Roof Detail - Temple of Heaven1631Black Guillemot1632131
An Early Start20Archway to Palace of Supreme Harmony15At the Top of the Steps15Red Grouse in Heather - 316
Harry KingmanWaterfall - Plitvice Lake1331Abandoned Hut - Deception Island1631Fag Break - Dubrovnic1533Costas1938133
Back Street Dubrovnic18Sheepdog Trial15Plitvice Lakes18Gentoo Penguin - Happy Feet before the Storm19
Daniel MannDowntown New York1427Feed Me142855
We Want to Take your Photo13Monty14
Bob OrdidgeGolden Eagle Landing1734Almost at the Summit1833Cheetah Cubs Racing - slow shutter pan2039106
Jay in Snow17Terracotta Corridor Taj Mahal15Wilderbeasts -River Crossing19
Paul StephensonPlinth Castle Howard Estate1818
Francis TerryThat's the Spot153030
The Royals do This15
Don TreebyDeep in Thought152929
Singing Star14
Barrie TuckEloise 1530Fine Tuning1530Lauren on Blue1737Wartime Charlotte1834131
Motor X Scrambler  15Hard Tackle15Marianne20Wartime Lauren16
Mike WardCalypso Colours1837Lincoln Cathedral1737Gothic Horror Portrait1737Protecting the Barricade-Re-enactment1939150
Bring Out Your Dead19Making a Canoe with Fire Re-Enactment20A Deliberation from the Preacher20Plimoth Pilgrim-What does the future hold/Renca20
Martin WilliamsHorseshoe Bend1733  33
Sunset over West Pier16
Lynn WraithBurrowing Owl Chicks1529Lost at Sea Memorial1632Sunset over Spis Castle - Slovakia1935Long Tailed Tits - Feeding on Fat1634130
Emperor Dragonfly14Tackling the Rapids16Kingfisher Portrait16Puffin Leaping from the Cliffs17


Liz BassindaleGannet Hanging in the Wind1531Riding the Berms1632Red Deer Stag1531Puffin with Lunch1632126
Cormorant Preening16Mountain Bike World Cup The Racing Line16Watching from the Undergrowth - Fallow Deer16Gannet with Fish16
Roy BeddoesJamaica Joe1328Whitby Sunset1515It's been a Fun Day1558
Rule Britannia15
Jim CavanaghHeavenly Light1836BBC Salford1936Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage1633Juvenile Golden Eagle1633138
Island Midnight18Imperial War Museum North17Rosedale Miners Revival17Red Squirrel Kit17
John CliftonWartime Weekend Fun173434
Autumn Dew17
Julie CowdyBejewelled Webs1731To the Glory of God1434Cut Leaved Teasels - In High Summer153095
Typically Tuscan  14Fading20Wood Decay Fungi15
Colin DilcockThe Entertainer1329Falconer1428Willow173491
It's a Long Way Down There16La Oliva Church14Falcolner - 217
Laura FletcherToadstall1328On Fire Surround - Nunnington Hall1329Blakey Ridge1427Goth Girl1530114
Wow Fountain15First Walking Shoes16Foxy Dreams13The Bride15
Richard HarrisonCascade1428Squirrel on Patrol132654
Ainya The Visiting Fairy14Obelisk Tracking13
Matt HillierWoodsmill Quay1430Wensleydale Sunset1427Meadow Pipit - Anthus pratensis203996
Skeldergate Bridge16Foggy Dale - Edale13Male Siskin - Carduelis spinus19
Andrew HollinsEvening Rolling, Rolling Even1428Team Sky Unity - Despite Rain1326Goth Girl1531Common Green Shield Bug1734119
Leaving Grosmont14Tour de Yorkshire in Helmsley13Just incase the Roof Leaks16Teasel with Purple Fleece Headband17
Derek HutchinsonSmoke Break1730Stanbrook Abbey1630Afon Dulyn Waterfall143090
Off the Cliff13Remains of the Cloister14Whitby Quay Reflections16
David IrelandUrban Landscape1429Courtyard Junagarth Fort1428Keeping in Step1528Little Owl1429114
I Wish I Wasn't Here15Venus de Milo - Le Louvre14That Means Sit13Fawn Roe Deer15
Harry KingmanFur Seals - Yankee Harbour1835Concentration1629Aurora1530Fur Seal Pup - Waiting for Mum1834128
Fighting the Rapids17Runner13Going Down15Greylag Geese16
Daniel MannReady for Action163131
A Loving Kiss15
Sharon MarwoodTop of the Hill1414Strong Sea1634Rosedale Red Grouse193886
November Coloured18Garden Visitor19
Bob OrdidgeLilac Breasted Roller in Flight1938The Start Slowed Down1326Leopard Portrait173397
Great Tit Flying with Speed19Ships Mast and Rigging (With Round Rainbow)13Polar Bear Portrait16
Paul StephensonGiant's Causeway153131
Storm Doris approaching Giant's Causeway16
Frances TerryMissing Tractor1531My Gilly1326Waiting for the Mist to Lift1530Lawrence of the Highlands1428115
Brakes16Out Riders13If you go Down to the Woods15Do you Want Some14
Don TreebyMykonos1226Sea Elephant - Mating153056
Hurst Castle - Pool14Sea Lions15
Barrie TuckSt Jacobs - Innsbruck1631Spot the Ball1734Harbour Lights1632Lauren at the Goths1733130
Lauren15Jet Ski Stuntman17Goth Bride16Goth Bride16
Mike WardGirl on the Rocks2033Air Brakes On - Coming into Land1429The Crystal Sea and Lobster Pots1633Pheasant - Walking Away1631126
Singing the Blues13Shaker Chair15Aspen Tree17Bryce Canyon - Sandstone Cliffs and Solitary Tree15
Katie WhitingGoing for a Dip1529Balancing High1328Two Heads are Better than One1471
My Territory14Howsham Mill New and Old15
Martin WilliamsLouvre16The Bull Ring1838A Chance of Rain1531Fishy1532127
True Grit20Ice Breaker16Goth Girl17
Lynn WraithLiberty the Bald Eagle1530The 3 Apostles Spis Castle1632Early Morning Fog - Tatra Mountains1534Great Crested Grebes - Courtship1834130
Storm Approaching Payto Lake Banff15International Ploughing Competition16The Eyes have It19Tawny Owl - Peeping Round Tree16


David IrelandDelicate Painting13
Richard BurdonThe Rowing Boat19
Barrie TuckAn Eye for Fashion14
Harry KingmanOh No!15
Janet BurdonCherry Tree Grove Wolds Way18
Lynn WraithThe Flappers13
Matt HillierThe Little Shop of Light15
Mike ChapmanDuomo Abstraction16
Mike WardThe Dreamer17
Barrie TuckBig Boys and their Toys13
Daniel MannLight Breaking Through10
Richard BurdonThe Promenade (3)20
Harry KingmanRievaulx Abbey13
David IrelandHazard Buoy in Mist11
Daniel MannYorkshire Jungle10
Janet BurdonMorning Mist on Loch Ard16
Lynn WraithMarby Watermill, Virginia17
Matt HillierLight at the Museum15
Mike ChapmanThe Avenue14
Mike WardUrban Sprawl14
Andrew HollinsWas that realy Jeremy Corbyn behind me12
Daniel MannWaiting for the Tide12
David IrelandDecorated Plaque14
Derek HutchinsonLow Tide at Burnham Overy Staithe15
Frances TerryRiver Side12
Harry KingmanBack Alley - Kotor15
Janet BurdonFalkirk Kelpies19
Julie CowdyWhitby Abbey15
Katie WhitingThe Butterfly Catcher15
Laura FletcherSpecies Dahlia12
Lynn WraithOld Craven Lime Works11
Martin WilliamsWinding Road18
Mike ChapmanAutumn Mists11
Mike WardTurning the Archimedes Screw16
Richard HarrisonEvening Tree - Winter in Huggate13
Sharon MarwoodAutumn Reflected15
Andrew HollinsCognitive Therapy10
Barrie Tuck1980's JPS17
Barrie TuckCharlotte the Goth16
Colin DilcockWillow (2)15
Derek Hutchinson76084 Entering Sheringham15
Harry KingmanBrash Ice13
Janet BurdonLoch Duich15
Julie CowdyThe Wainstones14
Laura FletcherHonka Dahlia13
Katie WhitingBeady Eyes10
Lynn WraithSkidby Mill17
Mike ChapmanDawn Awakening13
Mike WardShaker Guide Explaining the Shaker Dance20
Richard HarrisonStormy Steps14
David IrelandLucky Buddha's14
Francess TerryWhoYouLookingat14
Colin DilcockSing along Artist17
Daniel MannJust Hanging11


Bob OrdidgeArctic Fox Hunting20Tyne Bridges18Bay View16
Colin DilcockGannet with Fish20Furrowed Field19Kestrel Hover19
David IrelandRed Grouse in Moorland Heathe20Grange Barn-Coggeshall20Castle in Autumn18
Harry KingmanFur Seals-Yankee Harbour18Octopus20Harbour Highlights16
Janet BurdonFireworks Over the Abbey17Horth Bay Sunrise17St Pancras16
Kevin BedfordPine Martin Snarling20It's a Dog's Life20Him and Her20
Martin WilliamsTorn20Red Deer19Shambles17
Richard BurdonThe Promenade19Dean Harrison19Lakeside Walk16
Mike WardWe are Family18Sedge Warbler18Ollie the Owl16
Tim ThorntonRed Dao Mother in her Doorway17Match of the Day18Eye Light19
Bob OrdidgeRed Deer Tender Moment20Harvest Mouse on Brambles20Adam19
David IrelandGrieving Elephant Touching Skeletal Bones17Lavenham Church18Bringing in the Morning Catch18
Harry KingmanFetch17Polar Bear with Kill18Glen Coe17
Martin WilliamsTrue Grit20The Tulip Staircase19Ever Watchful18
Mike WardReformer of Society18Hartland Quay20The Taste of Trouble18


Bob OrdidgeAlmost at the SummitFirst
Best Sport/Pastime
Richard BurdonThe Rowing BoatSecond
Best Pictorial
Mike WardLincoln CathedralThird
Best Architecure/Record
Harry KingmanCostasBest Portrait
Bob OrdidgeWilderbeasts - River CrossingBest Natural History
 Liz Bassindale Number 42 - Riding on Air
Janet BurdonCherry Tree Grove - Wolds Way
Richard BurdonThe Promenade (3)
Harry KingmanBack Street Dubrovnic
Harry KingmanPlitvice Lakes
Harry KingmanGentoo Penguin - Happy Feet before the Storm
David IrelandAn Early start
David IrelandTerracotta Warriors
Bob OrdidgeGolden Eagle Landing
Bob OrdidgeJay in Snow
Bob OrdidgeCheetah Cubs Racing -slow shutter pan
Paul StephensonPlinth Castle Howard Estate
Barrie TuckLauren on Blue
Barrie TuckMarianne
Mike WardCalypso Colours
Mike WardBring Out Your Dead
Mike WardThe Dreamer
Mike WardMaking a Canoe with Fire Re-Enactment
Mike WardGothic Horror Portrait
Mike WardA Deliberation from the Preacher
Mike WardProtecting the Barricade - Re-enactment
Mike WardPlimoth Pilgrim - What does the future hold - Re-enactment
Martin WilliamsHorseshoe Bend
Lynn WraithMarby Watermill - Virginia
Lynn WraithSunset over Spis Castle - Slovakia


Martin WilliamsTrue GritFirst
Best Sport & Pastime
Jim CavanaghImperial War Museum NorthSecond
Best Architecural & Record
Mike WardAspen TreeThird
Best Pictorial
Matt HillierMeadow Pipit - Anthus pratensisBest Natural History
Laura FletcherGoth GirlBest Portraiture
Janet BurdonFalkirk Kelpies
Jim CavanaghHeavenly Light
Jim CavanaghIsland Midnight
Jim CavanaghBBC Salford
Jim CavanaghRosedale Miners Revival
Julie CowdyFading
Colin DilcockSing Along Artist
Matt HillerMale Siskin - Carduelis spinus
Harry KingmanFur Seals - Yankee Harbour
Harry KingmanFur Seal Pup - Waiting for Mum
Sharon MarwoodNovember Coloured
Sharon MarwoodRosedale Red Grouse
Sharon MarwoodGarden Visitor
Bob OrdidgeLilac Breasted Roller in Flight
Bob OrdidgeGreat Tit Flying with Seed
Barrie Tuck1980's JPS
Barrie TuckSpot the Ball
Barrie TuckJet Ski Stuntman
Barrie TuckGoth Bride
Mike WardGirl on the Rocks
Mike WardShaker Guide-Explaining the Shaker Dance
Martin WilliamsWinding Road
Martin WilliamsThe Bullring
Martin WilliamsGoth Girl
Lynn WraithSkidby Windmill
Lynn WraithThe Eyes have It
Lynn WraithGreat Crested Grebes - Courtship


Devon TrophyFor best aggregate score in the Print SectionMike Ward
Moorside CupFor best aggregate score in the PI SectionJim Cavanagh
Presidents TrophyFor best newcomer in the Print SectionLynn Wraith
David Ireland TrophyFor best newcomer in the PI SectionAndrew Hollins
Elisabeth CupFor Best Print of the YearBob Ordidge - Almost at the Summit
Rickaby CupFor Best PI of the YearMartin Williams - True Grit
Category TrophiesBest Pictorial PrintRichard Burdon - The Rowing Boat
Best Portrait PrintHarry Kingman - Costas
Best Natural History PrintBob Ordidge - Wilderbeasts Crossing River
Best Architectural/Record PrintMike Ward - Lincoln Cathedral
Best Sport/Pastime PrintBob Ordidge - Almost at the Summit
Best Pictorial PIMike Ward - Aspen Tree
Best Portrait PILaura Fletcher - Goth Girl
Best Natural History PIMatt Hillier - Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis)
Best Architectural/Record PIJim Cavanagh - Imperial War Museum North
Best Sport/Pastime PIMartin Williams - True Grit
Individual TrophiesAshley Cup (Audio Visual)Not Competed
The Laflin Trophy for Creative ExcellenceMike Ward
Bristow Trophy (Monochrome)Richard Burdon
Hailey Trophy (Monochrome)Mike Ward
Hazlehurst TrophyMartin Williams
John Nicoll Trophy (Enprint)Matt Hillier